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Artículo El barbero que cura su adicción cortando el pelo a vagabundos Historias


El barbero que cura su adicción cortando el pelo a vagabundos



Nasir Sobhani solo necesita unas tijeras para ser un héroe

Franc Sayol

07 Julio 2015 13:52

Hace cuatro años, Nasir Sobhani gastaba más de 300 dólares al día en cocaína. Pero la vida le dio una segunda oportunidad.

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Ahora lleva tres años limpio y, para demostrar su gratitud, pasa los domingos recorriendo las calles de Melbourne regalando cortes de pelo a vagabundos. Le llaman el “Barbero de las Calles”.

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Tal y como explica en un pequeño documental que le ha dedicado PLGRM, lo hace porque considera que es una manera de devolverles la dignidad y, quizá, inspirarles a volver a empezar. No es casual que su servicio se llame Clean Cut, Clean Start (Corte Limpio, Comienzo Limpio).

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Para él también es una forma de terapia. “Cortar el pelo se ha convertido en mi nueva forma de colocarme, en mi nueva droga”, dice en el vídeo. Por ello, después de trabajar seis días a la semana en una barbería de su ciudad dedica su único día de fiesta a cortar el pelo gratis en la calle.

This is Ganesh. He is 34 years old and has one daughter. He immigrated to Australia with his mother and brother almost 20 years ago - his father abandoned them in Fiji. Upon arrival at the age of 15, he met a girl. He fell head over heels for her, and she soon became his first love. They got a home together and had a baby daughter. Things were great for him until he found out she was having an affair. After finding out, he didn't leave her - she left him. After she left, she took his daughter with her and then his home. Distraught, broken, and alone, he was forced to live on the streets in his misery. He took up heroin in order to try his best to mask the pain of heartbreak. To this day he says - 10 years later - he's still not over her and hasn't been able to settle down. Thankfully, by the grace of his mother's love she took him into her home and did her best to do what a mother does best - nurture her youngest son. Since then, he has become a full-time carer for his oldest brother Vic (future story) and does his best to try and kick his occasional heroin habit - which has been too hard to kick since his time on the streets. The last time he tried getting a haircut the clipper died halfway through his cut, so he was forced to wear an unfinished cut. When I asked him what he wanted me to do, he said "whatever you want bro, just help make my beard look clean because I want to keep it". So I hooked him up with with a skin fade, beard trim, a line up, and put aftershave on him to not only feel fresh but to look fresh too. When I showed him the mirror, I took a video of his reaction. Make sure to check it out :) #cleancutcleanstart #thestreetsbarberproject #thestreetsbarber

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Pero no solo ejerce de peluquero, sino que también se convierte en su psicólogo, ofreciéndoles la interacción humana que tanto necesitan. Les hace preguntas para que se enfrenten a sus demonios personales. Y sabe de lo que habla porque él tuvo que vencer a los suyos.

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Además de su propia recuperación, su otra gran fuente de inspiración son los principios de la Fe Bahá'í, una religión originaria de Irán que enfatiza la unidad espiritual de toda la raza humana.

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Sobhani utiliza su cuenta de Instagram para recoger las historias personales de las personas a las que corta el pelo así como para transmitir sus ideas y motivaciones para seguir adelante con su proyecto.

This is Mark. He's 28 years old. He hasn't had contact with his family for nearly a decade. I've known of Mark for a while now and would show him love everytime I bumped into him, and he would reciprocate with so much joy. You could tell he just wanted someone to talk to. Today when I saw him on the street, I asked if he'd be interested in a cut. His eyes lit up as he said "Ya man, I haven't had a chance to get groomed in 8 or 9 months." He told me he'd been homeless for 3 years. He said it wasn't drugs which led him to the streets - that although he uses both heroin and meth occasionally, he does so more for social reasons, so he can 'fit in' and feel like he has friends. He got kicked out of his accommodation 3 years ago and hasn't been able to land a proper job or home since. He suffers from mental illness too - "I'm really depressed and hear voices in my head, Nas" - he told me, and that's another reason why he's on the streets. He has no support system and doesn't really have friends. He is lonely and just wants people to show him love and accept him. He said he often thinks about reconnecting with his family, especially during Christmas and New Years when he's alone. Listening to his story I just felt sick to my stomach at how neglected he felt. He has no support system, no friends and no family to support him. He actually didn't even have proper clothes on! His jeans were ripped and falling off his waist. He had no underwear on, and his shirt was also ripped and dirty. I had to go the full 9 yards on the brother! I went and bought him a new outfit and really took my time grooming him - with a cut, beard trim, dry shampoo, aftershave, and style. Looking at him afterwards I was quite taken aback myself and told him "Mark, you look so good bro" and he responded with "I know, and I feel GREAT!". That response made me so happy and I just took his hand and said "I hope you realize you've made a friend for life now.. see you around soon." I love this guy - his sincerity and open heart. Thanks for opening my eyes, Mark. Bless. #cleancutcleanstart #thestreetsbarber #thestreetsbarberproject

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Y es que no hay mejor manera de huir del dolor propio que ayudar a otros a superar el suyo.

Un corte de pelo como elixir de dignidad