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Rone RoneSo So So

8 / 10

Rone  So So So INFINÉ (IF2034, 12” + digital)

“So So So” is a track made to collapse the charts of half of Europe’s DJs. It has everything one could possibly expect from a peak-time hit while at the same time having the class and elegance an aristocratic house track requires. The tough bit for Rone –young Frenchman Erwan Castex, one of the first signings of the Infiné label, in search of a second chance– is the context: the baroque tech-house set up by geniuses like James Holden and Fairmont, that arty miniature answer to the hysterical progressive house of a few years ago, doesn’t seem be all that interesting in these times of classic Detroit and Chicago revivals started by the British underground. Rone’s sound isn’t new, either, but the way things are at the moment, it sounds different and the three cuts on this EP are refreshing: they’re an explosion of melody, tempo variations and the ingenious use of timbres rich in emotions.

On the two pieces on the B-side, “Nakt” and “Planet Zoo”, James Holden’s footprint is clear: a compressed sound, rhythms made of crumbling kick drums, snares and random noise, melodic spirals in search of a crescendo that never becomes euphoric, bells. They’re two precious, very high level tracks, although they pale in comparison to “So So So”, a monster of a track reminiscent of the best minimal and trance fusion pieces from a few years ago – think Minilogue or the Border Community young guns. In an exercise of incessant and original twists, Rone jumps from the Apparat vein –crunchy, dizzying– to that of DJs like Sasha –with epic flashes at the end where you end up with your hands in the air– and in the middle a piano interlude in the vein of Aphex Twins’ impressionist miniatures on “Drukqs”. Enough to keep it on repeat until the grooves are burning.

Javier Blánquez

Rone "So So So" iF2034 by InFiné Music

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