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Niño Niño3D

8 / 10

Niño, 3D GALLETA RECORDS (GTA 005, 7” + 7” adicional)

What happens to Niño when you take away the MCs is the same thing that happens to Maradona when you take him out of football and keep him away from drugs and parties - they both get out of shape. They inflate so much they reach whale-like proportions: basslines bouncing off the walls like tennis balls, and analogue, George Clinton-style erotic synth lines but played with sausage fingers. On “3D”, Ignacio Vallbuena takes the angular and Martian sound he displayed on Diploide and other projects in the grey area between hip-hop and skweee to even more elaborate extremes, but without losing the sense of groove that can dislocate hips. If there’s anything that limits him somewhat, it’s the format – the 7” is beautiful and a tactile delight, but it forces the artist to transform their pieces to two-minute miniatures. What’s missing here is more development, some twists and turns, and an elastic structure that always works well in wonky experimentation, although on the limited edition version, which includes another single, we’re compensated with two remixes by Coco Bryce, manufactured according to the post-Hudson Mohawke wonky manual, with a marked beat and bass drum breaks aimed at the neck, and Mwëslee, his version very much inspired by the most glorious bling meets helium sound of English 2step. Beat science with high fat levels: they prefer them plump. Javier Blánquez

Niño "3D" 7" single (GTA005) by galletarecords


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