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Gunnar Wendel Gunnar Wendel578

8 / 10

Gunnar Wendel, 578 FXHE RECORDS (FXHEGUNNS, 12”)

We know Gunnar Wendel well, but by another name: as Kassem Mosse, purveyor of stellar relaxed and lo-fi deep-house. The best releases of the Berlin imprint Workshop (hand-printed labels, protection from the Hardwax store, the whole semi-white label package the purists love so much) sprung from his hand, pieces in which cosmic Detroit vibes were carried out in a very personal way, very human in spite of the rusty metallic sound. The Kassem Mosse stamp was a guarantee of quality to the connoisseurs of tech-house, somewhere between the careful and deep precision of Move D and the direct rawness of the survivors of the Midwest techno-soul school. That’s why “578” is released on a label we always associated with Wendel’s sound. Here, FXHE (where Omar-S is king) give the German the tools to let his sound flow naturally. The needle follows the groove from the inside out. Barely any info on the label shows that a minimal approach is put to the service of this honest, pure and yet not fossilised music. There are two cuts: on side A the “Berlin mix” by Omar-S, who takes Wendel’s faint beats to his skeletal grounds, on side B the other remix by the boss ( “Rude Boy Warm Mix”) is complete with shiny melodies and echoes, so emotional it almost sounds like Âme recorded it on a cheap and beat-up soundsystem. Real techno. Techno with a heart. Richard Ellmann

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