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Just when we got used to the “witch house” label, a masterpiece of musical terminology because of the impeccable word play it carries within –the enchantment of this sound is obvious; its tangential orientation towards dance connect it to house music, there’s no discussion, and here comes oOoOO to offer a variety: witch disco. Where there’s supposed to be stark realism and bowels, darkness and some leather, Christopher Dexter Greenspan has added influences from Italo disco and Balearic sounds, Mediterranean guitars, boogie handclaps and beach siren vocals on “Hearts” and “Sedsumtings”. All this would be enough to diagnose a state of grace on the witch house scene –it’s not limited to a standard sound and expands its resources to unexpected places– but in truth, what’s being announced here is the unstoppable progress of oOoOO, who has graduated from being one of the many artists in the stables of Disaro –he released his first solo single, “oOoOO” on the Houston imprint– to signing with Tri Angle, the label that’s flavour of the week.

It’s a logical step for Greenspan. Tri Angle, after the official premiere of the brand with Balam Acab’s 12”, seems to want to focus on the avant-garde area of witch house, the most atmospheric –with allusions to the new age and proto-shoegaze of the eighties– and at the same time least gothic extreme. oOoOO, who has left the inclination to lag behind (hip-hop rhythm boxes and pop exploitation, like when he sampled Lady Gaga on “PKRFCRMX”), feels comfortable in the dreamy context of this vinyl, the sleeve of which recalls the notation found on old maps of the Atlantic – hic sunt dragones; there’s monster from here on–, but is in fact a hypnotic trip to the bottom of the psyche and its suggestion mechanisms. The music is full of ghosts, but they’re ghosts like those in the stories of M.R. James, romantic and translucent spectres, beautiful: “Burnout Eyes” and “Plain Is Hot”, which sound like Ciara produced by Zola Jesus, give glory to a 12” that, rather than enchanted, is enchanting.

Javier Blánquez

Hearts by oOoOO


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