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Dance Disorder Zusammen Remixes BPITCH CONTROL (BPCWL004, 12” + digital)

Dance Disorder are made up of a DJ/producer from Barcelona, Baby G and Robin Crafoord, and on the first EP they released they exploited the synthetic spatial sound of the great German titans to the max, only with a Balearic twist –more or less like an alternative take of Tangerine Dream’s “Love On A Real Train” remixed by Todd Terje or Williams. However, for this pack of remixes, the approach has changed somewhat: the music doesn’t always arrive like waves of sound from outer space, but rather like a rocky and vertebrate kind of techno with a furious bass line. It seems like this time, Bpitch Control wanted to be true to the stereotype they have gained themselves over the years. The two remixes on this vinyl, Mr. G on the A-side and Discodromo on the flip, offer a different view on Baby G and Crafoord’s efforts and work great with that whole four-to-the-floor efficiency. Mr. G, for example, honours his status as an ex-component of The Advent and one of the usual producers of the Rekids label: an inalterable techno-bleep sound, solid as a rock, although he never turns to the utter darkness or speed-for-speed’s sake; rather the opposite.

The Discodromo (Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco) remix is more true to the Tangerine Dream touch of the original of “Zusammen”, albeit with a tougher rhythm and an epic ending. But both remixes pale in comparison with the two digital bonus reworks by Jerome Sydenham, which are almost identical to each other, furious and with barely a rest (melody or silence), like a return to the techno of producers like Ben Sims or Jeff Mills in the mid-90’s.

Ronald Fritze

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