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Dominant Legs Young At Love And Life LEFSE RECORDS (LEFSE010, 10” + CD)

Like the character played by Justin Timberlake in “The Social Network” proudly says: Napster may have lost the battle in the courts, but it changed the music industry forever. It’s the industry that’s in crisis, not the music itself. These days more records are recorded than ever, people talk more about bands than ever and there’s so much to hear that it’s sometimes difficult to choose what to listen to. There are so many releases to review that, with regards to the debutants, sometimes one has to use certain preferences as a filter to give them an opportunity. One only has to look at the list of influences on a band’s MySpace page or start checking out the artists they are being compared with to get an indication of whether one is going to like them or not. It’s a bit unfair and sometimes you make a mistake, but usually those lists come in very handy. With Dominant Legs the exercise couldn’t work better: they are only being compared to fresh and beautiful artists, almost all of them from another time.

Alongside Hannah Hunt and Rene Salomon, Ryan Lynch – sporadic member of Girls and a good friend of The Mantles – deserves our full attention because of his potential virtues but also because of the feeling of freshness and tastiness his songs give us. Like Extraperlo or Jeremy Jay have been doing lately, Lynch revisits the cutest of ’80s indie music – Orange Juice, Felt, The Pale Fountains, The Go-Betweens – through playful synths, happy claps and pinches of jumpy guitars. In the way of blending them with revitalising choruses, and also due to the timbres of the voices, Dominant Legs are also reminiscent of a less proparoxytone Dirty Projectors. They are all preferences as exquisite as the four tracks on “Young At Love And Life”, an EP with clear and deep lyrics, sewn with delicate metaphors which benefit from the boy/girl voices trick that can win so many hearts over. It’s very nice to see a band born so bursting with youth, love, and pure life. A band that brings old memories back to life and at the same time makes one meander into a delicious future.

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