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9 / 10

Gold Panda  You EP NOTOWN RECORDS (NOTOWN001, 7” + digital)

Gold Panda is able to defy in a few seconds any effort at rhetoric. It’s difficult to find words to tag music that freely expands amongst genres and sensations, always from the heart. We instantly surrender to the sound of “You” –released as a 7” and digitally with remixes by Minotaur Shock, Dam Mantle and Seams– a warm feeling catalyst. It shreds gold plated vocals, spreading them through the whole range of frequencies, as a refreshing summer rain over a slow down beat. “You” has certain UK Garage elements –a sexy shine, a luxury production, the use of a chopped vocal as rhythm- but please allow me to describe it as “hypnagogic trance”: hypnotic dance music, able to create an out of body experience, but mesmerising, like a Nathan Fake remix for Memory Tapes. “ Before We Talked” is more of the same: rhythmic glitches, modular synths and dreamy melodies, a Four Tet lo-fi like version.

“You” is a modest release that won’t make much waves- the 7” is a not distributed very well and digital releases get buried on a sea of mp3s – but is one more firm step of Gold Pandas’s journey to the top of the indietronic scene after previous 12” on Various Production and Mike Mine Music. There are three remixes of little substance –longer, livelier beats, processed vocals- because the original track is already a small miracle, a piece of promising electro-pop glitz. Gold Panda says he is working on his first album. I can’t wait.

Javier Blánquez

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