You Don't Wash (Remixes) You Don't Wash (Remixes)


Kode9 Kode9You Don't Wash (Remixes)

7 / 10

You Don’t Wash (Remixes) Kode9

!K7 (!K7272EP, 12” + digital)

Kode9’s almost obsessive interest in the abstract science of funky house isn’t new, and one has to give him props for being one of the first of the prolific talents of dubstep to decide to cut loose from the past –the one of dark textures and bass lines buzzing like bumblebees- and enter a new production phase with which he didn’t really serve the average Hyperdub client (at the time dazzled with Burial who, around the time of “Untrue”, was closer to being a god than an angel). “You Don’t Wash”, the exclusive track he delivered to his selection for “DJ Kicks”, will therefore not surprise anyone, and it’s not even his best production if we compare it to, for example, “2 Far Gone” or “Black Sun”. But it’s a tune that reminds us that the future has many forms and that the tropical percussion of UK funky, so commercial and naive at first, can be material for labs and industrial refining processes. Now, to give some continuity to a track that’s really a declaration of loyalty to the last shout in the hardcore continuum, this vinyl delivers two remixes that are as mouthwatering as a weekend in the company of Megan Fox: Martyn ’s is another twist towards funky after his obsessional phase with Berlin-Detroit- it’s junglist, dressed up with fat rolling bass and very Brazilian timbales, albeit not as Brazilian as the ones Actress has added into his reworking. A true chameleon, there is nothing in his “Negril Mix Dub” that makes “Splaszh” a first-rate album: no mental labyrinths, no Detroit deformation, no cosmic trips, but whistles, marimba and carnival. Little by little this 12” grows on you.

Claude T. Hill

Kode9 - You Don't Wash (Martyn Remix)

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