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Seiji SeijiYesman / Elevator

8 / 10

Seiji  Yesman / Elevator SEIJI (SEIJI1, 12”)

We had to wait and see what would happen when the old school of broken beat reclaimed their piece of the urban house made pie in London, and this first release by Seiji -a current member of the huge Bugz In The Attic - on his own label is a solid clue. Consider, for example, " Yesman": well produced, warm synths, shuffling of notes typical of Detroit techno, but as soon as it fits, it also includes a limping rhythm accompanied by a voice reduced to a few snippets repeated over and over, almost like a percussive sound. And there’s more - certain Latino vibe, as Paul Dolby has been doing of late (my jaw drops on learning the man had a project called Oreja,what an ugly name), to the point where the track seems a bare version yet very well formed of a vintage Masters At Work dub. It’s not so much the funky house sound to which Seiji tries to approach, but a reformulation of the pedestrian Garage, with an atomised diva voice and a well-established groove. Anyway, you can tell Seiji is no stranger to what the new school are doing school - Roska, D-Malice, etc. - and on " Elevator" he tightens the congas so the piece, a minimalist track, like an old house track bonus beats, gains a more tropical warmth. In the end: we have been converted. Is this the sound of summer? Javier Blánquez

Yesman by seiji

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