Year Of The Ox Year Of The Ox


Fucked Up with Zola Jesus Fucked Up with Zola JesusYear Of The Ox

8 / 10 MERGE (MRG391, 12”)

Closer every day to becoming their own genre, Fucked Up continue to stretch the limits of punk-rock. They do so by way of expansion –take note: “Year of The Ox”, side A, exceeds the thirteen minute mark; “Solomon’s Song”, the flipside, almost reaches twelve–, epic poetry –super muscular production, long instrumental bridges– and additional instrumentation –strings on the first, brass on the second. Both cuts are part of the same strategy and, although they don’t mark a particularly remarkable stylistic progression, they do significantly help to outline the Canadians’ roadmap. Deep down, one cannot help but feel it’s like hearing what Poison Idea could have been had they not suffered the post- “Blank, Blackout, Vacant” (1992) setback. But in the absence of Jerry A and company, Damian Abraham –the vocal resemblance with A is marvellous– and his band are good enough. That said, those who still expect bomb tunes like “Police” –possibly the very best punk track of the last decade– can forget about it: Fucked Up passed the point of no return a while ago, and this EP is new proof of that. The Zola Jesus thing, by the way, turns out to be strictly anecdotal, confined to the chorus in the last part of “Year of The Ox”.

Oriol Rosell

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