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Girl Unit Wut NIGHT SLUGS (NS008, 12” + digital)

In case we hadn’t heard enough hymns this year –and I’m referring mostly to Magnetic Man’s “I Need Air”, but also to pieces of passionate post-garage like Deadboy’s “If U Want Me” or Kavsrave’s “PClart”–, here’s “Wut”, which is too much for the body without even being fast, euphoric or outrageous. “Wut” has enough with three minimal elements –an 808 rhythm box that seems to be taken from a Salem production (or any other Atlanta rapper), a spark of female vocal and a minimal melody with the warmth of the morning sun, something like Joy Orbison producing Lil Wayne’s new single (in an instrumental version)– to stir up a hormonal cocktail capable of producing all kinds of physical reactions, from crying to jumping, from running to nowhere to genuflexion. And all that, as we said, without the need for emphatic expressivity, without using epic or effectist notes. Girl Unit, who were having a great year thanks to the incredible 12” “I.R.L.”, also making Night Slugs’ year good, establish themselves with this follow-up single as one of the rookies of 2010, because everything that comes after “Wut” (the track) is equally worth a request to raise a marble statue in a Michelangelo fashion. “Every Time” and “Showstoppa” maintain the line –the emotion of the voice gets lost, which in the case of the latter track turns into the barking of an angry man, although the crunk production is conserved– and round off a unique contribution to the post-dubstep crop of this year: there where the new London, open to the world, meets the fresh blood of witch house. A fantasy, all in all, according to which the new dirty south would be South-London. Meanwhile, if anyone knows where Girl Unit live, please say so in the comments. We wouldn’t mind going round to their house and bringing them flowers along with our maximum respect. It would be an honour.

Javier Blánquez

Girl Unit - Wut

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