Wut (Claude Vonstroke Remix) Wut (Claude Vonstroke Remix)


Girl Unit Girl UnitWut (Claude Vonstroke Remix)

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Sometimes, remixing an artist can be suicide. Perfect tracks, the ones that go down in history, the ones that provoke goose bumps by just thinking about them, shouldn’t be touched, because most of the time they just get destroyed, leaving only distraught people in their wake. One of those songs is “Wut”, that cascade of 808s, sharp voices and gangsta-rave feel that raised the bar for Night Slugs as a label and for Girl Unit as a producer. As a crunk thug producing beats for the post-dubstep parties in the south of London, “Wut” was a perfect anthem. Excellent in its form, capable of driving the crowd to the highest levels of excitement and catharsis, “Wut” is a gem.

However, allowing a remixer do his thing with the raw material didn’t turn out so badly, luckily enough. You can spend your money on this 12”, we would even recommend it. Obviously, Claude VonStroke’s make-over doesn’t improve “Wut”, nor does it transform it substantially, but he did touch it enough to modify it without having it lose its power or its function as a DJ tool. Night Slugs deserves a big hand for keeping the experiment under control: one track, one remixer, two takes. This was all about not losing the essence of the production, about giving it a different feel, and VonStroke, an energetic and raw person who doesn’t like to charge his tracks too much (simple patterns, a break, and a very fat bassline, that’s about it) seem like the right man for the job. The first take, “Undressed Mix”, isolates the different patterns of “Wut” (the progressive harmony, the break, the voice) and distributes them over a remix, which basically is a beat carpet, embellished and lit with sparks, as if he had sampled parts of the song for an original track. The second, “Butt Naked Mix”, is essentially the same, but replaces the 4x4 with a string of broken beats and a sharp rhythm box, and achieves what it should: to prolong the life of “Wut” in the club, beyond the perfection of the original track.

Javier Blánquez

Girl Unit / Claude Vonstroke - Wut (Undressed Mix)

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