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Kassem Mosse  Workshop 12 WORKSHOP (Workshop 12, 12”)

For his latest single, German Gunnar Wendel, alias Kassem Mosse, returns to Workshop, the label which in 2007 launched him as an up and coming talent of deep house –raw sounding house, analogue and emotive, distributed in limited editions of numbered 12”s and with little promotion. But, if Mosse was a promise in 2007, today he plays to the big leagues. And he proves it with the delivery of three majestic cuts that pay back the trust placed in him and at the same time show the evolution and maturity of a sound that is more permeable than ever.

On the A side we find a sickly visceral house track, abstract and obsessive. Constructed around a vocal sample of the word “sensuality”, with the “s” and the “ty” mutilated, the track feeds off a gaunt and martial rhythm combined with an abyssal bassline over which introspective melodies and sinister pads meander, taking the tension to the limit. A cut with a twisted groove to be played in dark and steamy rooms. On the first track on the B side (no titles on this record), on the other hand, Wendel seems to materialise what he’s learned during the studio sessions in Berlin alongside the maestro Omar-S, and signs a cut with a brilliantly moody atmosphere, like those the Detroit magician can make so well; ridden with sharp synths and with a tendency to float which, combined with a naked but correct bassline and the insistent Roland rims, take you to comforting states of levitation.

The surprise comes with track three, on which Mosse takes us on a trip through underwater worlds, with chords of unfathomable beauty, surly wide rhythms and a driving synthetic bassline. One of his most expansive productions to date and an exit to new ways in his sonic spectrum. It’s a pity the track is so short, because it’s the cherry on the delicious cake that is this EP. In short: a brilliant return that once again confirms young Wendel’s mastery at making high quality deep house. It’s not his most essential EP but it is a must-have for all who have been following him closely. The man never disappoints.

Franc Sayol

Kassem Mosse 'Workshop 12a' (Workshop) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom Kassem Mosse 'Workshop 12b' (Workshop) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom

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