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Dan Deacon  Woof Woof Ep AMAZING SOUNDS (AMS002, 12” + digital)We agree with Allez-Allez and James Joyce –obviously the illustrator, as the other one has been dead for a while- on naming their label Amazing Sounds. All its output defies imagination, not in a strange way, as the order of the exponents on the equation- disco music, extravagant pop, krautrock, dubstep, alien hip hop, messy bedroom electronica– is the least probable applying logical convention. That’s why it’s poised to become a “cult” label, full of surprises and emotions, as it was Border Community some years ago. Here it is the second reference, after the one by Harmonia & Eno together with Shackleton’s remix, again top marks. How on earth do you go about remixing the loony multi reference of psychedelia pop by Dan Deacon? Allez-Allez, dispose of the baroque “Build Voice” concentrating on a couple of elements from the Baltimore vocalist to produce a small computer disco odyssey dictated by Patrick Cowley’s spirit. Luke Abbott, on the other hand, traps the harmonies and melodies of “Surprise Stefani” and polishes them with a chaotic coat that shines of James Holden’s art-trance and cosmic revival featuring an incredible range of modular synth sounds towards the end. The one that somehow fails confronted by such a huge amount of sound is Hudson Mohawke, who chooses to walk another path with “Woof Woof” – glamed up sampled drums, chaotic melodies and constant structural changes- not leaving any sign of hip-hop deposits on its way. Confusing. Nevertheless, interpreting Dan Deacon is as difficult as tell the argument of “Finnegans Wake”, so in the end one could consider it a success. Something for nothing: go and get it.

Javier Blánquez

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