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T++ T++Wireless

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T++  Wireless


(HJP49, 2x12” + digital)

Torsten Pröfrock has always been at the epicenter of important developments, always in a an invisible manner, presenting himself with some kind of discretion, something rare these days where the norm is vanity and standing out, making of him something rather special. When techno-dub was in its maturity stages, he was already recording masterpieces of sub acuatic kick drums under the nickname Various Artists on the Chain Reaction label. Later on he founded the DIN label, which opened the door to the second Germanic techno like dub generation of Arovan and Pole, hiding behind many other aliases as to not receive any ovations. In 2004, he subscribed together with Robert Henke to the Monolake project. The duo returned to experiment with gestating dance music. While both “Alaska / Melting” mapped the route to follow with a mixture of echo and fury, from artists like Surgeon, he was alongside releasing maxi singles and remixing as T++ for Marcel Dettmann, Shackleton or Shed, who were illuminating the path of future techno. Now Torsten has decided to quit. The T++ adventure has come to an end. Time to move on.

“Wireless” is therefore testament to a golden stage of underground techno, to the unrecognised duties of Stephan Laubner aka STL. Maybe this double vinyl will be the promotional card of what's to come. Because on this brand new four cuts delivered by T++ , techno gets diluted, rhythm mechanisms get dislocated, the deep ambiance becomes the lead character - something like the sound on a cave containing a lake, cavernous and liquid on equal parts- and the obvious kick drums are retracted. “Cropped”, “Anyi”, “Voice No Bodies” y “Dig” move forward to a waltz rhythm though with an injured leg. If we add the lack of architecture to the introduction of new sampled elements - this four cuts have been recorded from samples from African singer Ssekinomu from the 1930’s and 40‘s- the final result is an ethereal tribalism, a telluric evocation that probably nurtures to the most avant-gard dance music. We are sure of something though: Torsten never fails and regardless of his future, he’ll never fail us.

Javier Blánquez

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