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Tortoise TortoiseWhy Waste Time?

8 / 10

Tortoise, Why Waste Time? COMMONS (RZCM-46520, CD)The rhythmic rigour of “Ruba’iyat” and the pluperfect structure of “Passerine” help us to forget about the flaky bits of Tortoise’s latest album “Beacons Of Ancestorship” (Thrill Jockey, 2009) which failed, overall, because of its excessive dispersive tendencies. It was still praiseworthy, however, because of its incessant search for new registers. But it’s the remix by Mark Ernestus of “Gigantes” –everything “Vertical Ascent” by his partner Moritz von Oswald should have been but wasn’t, synthesised in the four simply tremendous minutes occupied by the last part of the track– and “Ice Ice Gravy”, a collage in the vein of “Djed” (irregular but with moments of the highest quality), which more than justify the purchase of this Japanese item which, in case anyone remains unconvinced, also includes three videos: two with live footage of “Seneca” and “Charteroak Foundation” and the official video of “Prepare Your Coffin”. Oriol Rosell


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