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Al Tourettes Al TourettesWhen I Rest I Rust / The Next Meal

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Al Tourettes  When I Rest I Rust / The Next Meal IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST (ISP004, 12”)

Of all the roads leading to dubstep in Bristol, the one bearing the stamp of producer Wedge is the least known, but by far the least steep (remember he’s a member of the HENCH Crew). On the contrary, as with the Pinch-driven publishing ventures and Appleblim, the If Symptoms Persist label also banks on a considerable sound density and the intersection of messages continuous with the long tradition of techno. Bridges have been built and alliances signed with Berlin and Detroit, and this will continue for as long as it takes. This includes Al Tourettes - that is, Alec Storey - who adds to his second big 12" this month with these two pieces which make his devotion to electro clear. A few days ago his collaboration with Laurie "Appleblim" Osborne titled Aus Music ("Lipsmaker Ep") went on sale, and now he’s riding solo with two pieces of restrained baroque style, restless atmospheres and coded dialogues between stealth dubstep and electro robotic rhythm. "When I Rust I Rest" confirms this, using slightly muffled vocoder voices, especially in the slow crossfire between fat bass lines and mechanical breaks, while "The Next Meal" repeats the pattern with heavier hypnotic layers borrowed from Berlin techno-dub. If producers such as Wee DJs, Andrea Parker, or ADJ made dubstep, this would be the result. Javier Blánquez

Al Tourettes - When I Rest I Rust / The Next Meal (ISP004) - If Symptoms Persist

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