What Makes You So Special + Midas / Palm What Makes You So Special +  Midas / Palm


Roof Light Roof LightWhat Makes You So Special + Midas / Palm

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Roof Light What Makes You So Special +  Midas / Palm HIGHPOINT LOWLIFE (HPLL053, 12” + digital) + MILLIONS OF MOMENTS (MOM 021, 12”)

The first record by Roof Light –aka Gareth Munday, another upcoming talent to be added to the impeccable British gang of the last couple of months– arrived last year via the Berlin label Millions Of Moment and it didn’t get the acclaim it deserved. The reason for this was it’s excess of echo: directly influenced by the third techno-dub generation –Echospace, Andy Stott– “In Your Hands EP” had the handicap of sounding really good, but sounding like something already come to terms with. His talent was lost, like tears in the rain, in a genre that had already said it all and didn’t find new resources to light its wick again. But now Roof Light has emerged as a different force and their position on the hype ladder should change from one day to the next. These two singles, released within a month of each other, are the story of an evolution without moving away from the axis of juicy dub but turning towards dubstep and enriching it with new influences within what’s unanimously considered “an elegant sound.” The four untitled tracks on “What Makes You So Special” go towards future garage, track A1; and old school 2step with the direct influence of Todd Edwards on the rhythmic cut of the diva vocals, track B1; while the other two look for a more paused beat, surrounding the break and bass line with an exact pulse of disco samples (always slowed-down). Imagine a Pangaea song edited by Mark E and there you have it, original and fresh. So original that it seems to be Roof Light’s own sound, which he exploits to the maximum on his two new tracks for Millions Of Moments: both “Midas” and “Palm” have some of the post-Basic Channel liquidity, that disco sexuality that makes one shiver and that nocturnal and urban post-Burial melancholy that in the person of Gareth Munday has found a new heir. Javier Blánquez

Roof Light - What Makes You So Special by sideb0ard

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