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Hot Chip We Have Remixes PARLOPHONE (12R6823, 12” + digital)

Keeping in mind that the most negative reviews of “One Life Stand” came from people who found there were too many schmaltzy ballads and too few club tunes on the record, the problem of Hot Chip’s latest album was clear for those who didn’t find it as good and animated as, for example, “The Warning”. Dr. House has therefore a perfect remedy: the patient just needs a bass drum injection. It’s as simple as that. Why have Hot Chip given up on hedonism and set on entertaining themselves with anorexic songs that anyone can see from a mile away need a vitamin shot? It’s not limited to this latest record, we’ve seen it coming (although we weren’t really worried) since “Made In The Dark”. Only they have the answer, but little by little they seem to realise that a lift and a bit of working out do a world of good to their compositions, in the hands of adequate remixers. “We Have Remixes” includes four reworks; in fact, the first thing to draw our attention were the names of the invited producers: Todd Edwards, Caribou, Hot City and Osborne offer more attacking force than the tandem Adebayor-Tébez, and all of them walk paths secondary to house –which adds coherence to the 12” and it shows greater sense of assembly- and everyone contributes with their own personal touch. Edwards pinches “Hand Me Down Your Love” with his classic set of cropped voices and his bass line thick as a python; Hot City gets close to old school hardcore in his future garage re-rub of “We Have Love”; Caribou sounds cosmic and analogue on “Brothers”; and, suprisingly, the always aggressive Todd Osborne transforms “Take It In” into a delicious deep-house gem with piano and a torch song background. It could be an absurdity, but no, “We Have Remixes” is to the remix 12” what Nobu is to Japanese restaurants: exotic fusion and intense flavours. Richard Ellmann

Hot Chip - Brothers (Caribou Remix) by acid stag

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