I Wanna Be Your Telephone I Wanna Be Your Telephone


Jamie Lidell Jamie LidellI Wanna Be Your Telephone

7 / 10

Jamie Lidell, I Wanna Be Your Telephone WARP (WAP302, 12” + digital)

I’m in a phase where I only like the remixes of Jamie Lidell’s tunes. His own productions bore me, and I say this admitting beforehand that “I Wanna Be Your Telephone” is an admirable track because it has more of the schizoid Lidell I liked when he was the singer of Super_Collider than of the Lidell who wants to be Sam Cooke with a sampler. In other words: I like it more when he manipulates his own voice than when he forces it to the limits of his own virtuosity, and I think that he gets more out of it when he doesn’t use those Prince-like guitars and female vocals. He will never be Prince no matter how hard he tries, but he can be Jamie Lidell, the great crazy soul man of the first years of the 21st century. That’s why the best of this 12” is in the dysfunctional barbarities on a blurry techno rhythm contributed by Bill Youngman –an old friend from back in the day in Edinburgh, signing of the No Future collective who takes the a cappella of “You Are Walking” to compose his own wonky-pop hit -and, how ever surprising this may seem, in the delicious mix of schaffel techno and electro-funk with pulsating bass–spinnable Diplo, Marcel Dettmann and Rustie at the same time, which is not easy- that Tiga has delivered. The Canadian arrived as the commercial attraction and, surprise surprise, has become the king of this notable EP.

Richard Ellmann

July 19th: Jamie Lidell 'I Wanna Be Your Telephone' by PIAS UK Sales

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