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Walton WaltonWalton EP

8 / 10

Walton  Walton EP HYPERDUB (HDB052, 12” + digital)

His name is Sam Walton and this is his debut (not counting some remixes that can be found on internet). And what a debut it is. Sometimes it happens that a new artist steps into the underground arena with such strong arguments that you're left with no choice but to roll out the red carpet so he can walk freely to where the top dogs are, little by little but without ever stopping. Such is the case with Walton, the twenty year old from Manchester delivering an EP that skilfully alters the genetic code of post-grime. I would even go so far as to say that the fact he's from the north instead of the south (Bristol, London) is key for his vision on the metallic rhythm, defining the colours Walton uses for his hybrid of grime and funky house.I say hybrid because the man doesn't stick to one particular code. “Aggy”, the first track, is clearly grime, with a funky rhythm (with a rough sound, scratching basslines and light modulations in the beat that make cadence tribal, with hardcore fury), but the second is decidedly funky house: the order of the elements is altered and on “Mangled Riddim” the beat is broken and jumpy, while the blowing basslines contrast with the brightness of the house tones in the background. That old school touch is repeated on “808 Vibzin”, on which Walton forgets about grime and funky and turns to Detroit and Chicago, in a retro exercise reminiscent of fellow Mancunians 808 State (already suggested in the title of the track). “Skrilla” closes the 12” with another batch of dry grime (between 8-bar minimalism and the rhythmic undulations of the old bleep sound), moving loosely between past and future, switching between light and dark. Walton sounds fresh, unique, and we can't wait for his next 12” to see if our guts are right and he really is one of the greats of the coming months. Claude T. Hill

“808 Vibzin”

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