Voyage Direct (FS Green Remixes) Voyage Direct (FS Green Remixes)


Tom Trago Tom TragoVoyage Direct (FS Green Remixes)

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Tom Trago Voyage Direct (FS Green Remixes) RUSH HOUR (RH 025-R3, 12")

Rush Hour is on fire. Nothing new there, really; the Amsterdam-based label slash store has always been an example of seriousness and trustworthiness, but this year has been especially admirable. Few labels are capable of releasing so many records and maintaining the quality level high as ever. And the best thing is that there’s something for everyone; single aimed directly at the dancefloor (Hunee), fine reissues for the connoisseurs (Virgo) and, like in this case, limited edition 12” for the most demanding vinyl chasers.

FS Green is a beatmaker and DJ from Amsterdam from whom we’ve heard little so far, but who, judging from his full gig agenda, has a fine reputation on the Dutch hip-hop scene. Listening to his two remixes for Tom Trago, we can hear why. His re-rub of “Voyage Direct” follows the line of his previous productions, turning French house style of the original into a beat that looks at the stars and, from the corner of the eye, Los Angeles: focussing on the wobbly bass line, slowing down the tempo and adding synths and arpeggios, thus creating a joint that will do well with the followers of cosmic hip-hop of the Californian school. On the flipside, however, FS Green shows us that he also knows how to attack the dancefloor. Without abandoning his own sonic palette, on the remix of “Lost In The Streets Of NYC” the synths are fatter, the speed goes up, the arpeggios are more accurate and the rhythm is livelier. In other words, it’s made with the club in mind. The result is a pretty outrageous track that starts out as hip-hop and ends up with a techno feel. But the most important thing is that it’s pure danceable glory. The single has been released in limited edition and is still available. It’s worth your money. And a detail for the fetishists: it’s on pretty green (of course) vinyl.

Franc Sayol

Tom Trago - Voyage Direct (FS Green Remix) by 08BAR

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