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Throwing Snow Throwing SnowUn Vingt / Cronos

9 / 10

Throwing Snow, Un Vingt / Cronos HO TEP (HOTEP001, 12”)

Alexander Nut has created another label and if the quality standards he establishes are as good as the ones he achieved with Eglo (an adventure he shared with Sam Sheperd, alias Floating Points), we can safely say that we’ll be enjoying exquisiteness for a long time and many references. Focussed in principle on the most emotive and atmospheric sounds of dubstep, Ho Tep kicks off with two tracks by Throwing Snow, the debutant artist who so far only has been seen on digital releases – look for “Footnotes, Vol. 1” (A Future Without, 2007) and download everything on his MySpace page – or a slippery remix for Greymatter. However, he has the same love for detail and horizontal action as the sacred cows of today’s post-dubstep, James Blake and Mount Kimbie: spacious and delicate notes, shelled in elaborate scales and with a nocturnal aureole –soft and jazz-like, clashing with irregular breaks borrowed from 2step and the female whispers that go so well with that post-Joy Orbison sound ( “Cronos”). The other side, “Un Vingt”, has more body and will to move, it goes into vast, almost cosmic spaces (think “Titan EP” by Illum Sphere) to complete a debut of the kind that leave one with one’s mouth hanging open. If this is what they call progressive dubstep, I’ll pretend I didn’t see that “progressive” part, but I want more, that’s for sure. Claude T. Hill

Cronos by ThrowingSnow

Un Vingt by ThrowingSnow

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