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Kuedo KuedoVideowave EP

8 / 10

Kuedo  Videowave EP

PLANET MU (ZIQ308, 12” + digital)

Years ago, Jamie Teasdale closed an era of self-destructing dubstep as Vex’d, alongside Roly Porter, and now he concludes another one with what has been his project since the parting of the duo, Kuedo. He’s not going to change names this time, Kuedo will continue, only in a different form, changing strategies and colour palettes with a debut album that will be released, according to Planet Mu, this autumn. “Videowave EP” is, for Jamie, a new paragraph in a personal history that will no longer be part of dubstep, a genre which he no longer has any interest in, nor does it resemble the style he exercised in his best days; a personal history, which, on the other hand, also doesn’t want to settle for copying ambient or IDM strategies, as could be sensed on the 12” “Dream Sequence EP”. His intention is to start with a clean slate and commence a “phase 2” of which we still don’t know a whole lot, because this single is, most of all, a closing chapter where everything is collected that was left unreleased and unsolved (like he did with Vex’d’s “Cloud Seed”, an album with remixes and rarities), so that nothing remains on the shelves.

There are two rarities here ( “Take Off (Remix)”, wonky with arpeggios that strangle your ears with the force of a boa constrictor, and “Oh”, another broken rhythm exercise remotely similar to drum’n’bass), and the remixes are by Illum Sphere, Heterotic and Clark. Those are the most exciting parts of the single: Illum Sphere slightly emphasises, with rhythms (and just the odd bass frequency that forces one to scratch one’s ear), the ambient carpet of “Starfox”, Clark drenches “Glow” in dark tones and brass samples, making it sound like a badly lit alley, and Heterotic turns “Shutter Light Girl” into a strange mix of juke and glo-fi, like joining DJ Rashad (via Autechre, with the tempo low) with Washed Out lighting up the sky. A good 12” to add to the post-Vex’d archive, while not denying us what we wanted most: some kind of clue as to what Kuedo is going to sound like from now on. Obviously, we now know it’s going to be incredible.

Javier Blánquez

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