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Fairmont FairmontVelora EP

8 / 10

BORDER COMMUNITY (32BC, 12” + digital)

Jake Fairley ’s sound changes with his monikers. If he signs his music with his real name, the Toronto artist is somewhat less delicate –he sounds more club-oriented than aiming for the heart–, which makes his productions a little less timeless; his first records didn’t quite stand the test of time. But when he uses the fine mark of Fairmont, other things happen: the beat relaxes, the voices become whispers and the sound translucent; it was like that on his first releases on Traum and remained so when he gave James Holden the original demo of “Gazebo / Gazelle”, his first 12” for Border Community, in 2005. Since then, he’s been coming and going, even releasing a full album ( “Coloured In Memory”, 2007), moving between the sublime and the impeccable. This dynamic forces us, in a way, to be cautious every time he releases a single: it could be historical or slightly disappointing, and with “Velora” it’s no different. But, upon hearing the first notes, the second option becomes obsolete: this is one of the good ones (one of the best ones, even)

“Velora” is a classic Fairley track: the voice in the background, dreamy pop in the chamber, the intention of floating out the window. The surprise is “Ununoctium”, not because of its orientation –an updated seventies kosmische sound, in a merry-go-round of arabesques in search of galactic epic poetry–, but because of the excellence in the execution. He sweeps the floor with both the old glories and the rookies of vintage synth music. And on the other side we hear what we really expect from Fairmont: the differences in intensity –rhythm and melody, pause and acceleration– of his progressive house, camouflaged by his trademark fine and precious production on “Cannon” and the drum-rolling climax – pure Holden-style– on “Vanguard”. An unexpected tour de force we welcome with open arms.

Javier Blánquez

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