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October OctoberVanamonde EP

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October Vanamonde EP


Ewan Pearson and Al Usher manage their label slowly, which is the only way of doing it right: they started in 2007, without pretensions, and with 2010 closed, this is their fourth –yes, you read it right– release. As long as there isn’t an interesting enough project worthy of the money from DJs who still spend theirs on vinyl, neither will there will be a release on Misericord. If only other labels would do the same, the world would be a better place. On this occasion, the guest is unexpected but with good merits to deserve a reference number in the Misericord catalogue: Julian Smith, better known as October, shoves his pulsating techno and sombre dubstep aside and indulges in his passion for disco music. Granted, he isn’t on his own –on “Bree Daniels (feat. Fid)” he’s helped by James Fiddian, one of his Bristol friends–, but the merit is there. October has reinforced sensuality, sampled strings that elevate the music and succumbed to the power of house. Unexpected? That’s the great thing about a label like Misericord, it makes the impossible possible.

On “Bree Daniels” there are notes of electro-funk and Detroit strings: it’s utter elegance which, when it ends, has the courtesy of following up with a paused and elegant “Breeprise”. On the flipside, Smith goes all out sampling Latin percussion and using pulsating hot basslines –“HD-189733-B” is a kind of futurist bossa nova– and makes it clear that, if one day they would offer him to do a remix for a label like Environ or to DJ at the club where someone like Cottam plays, he wouldn’t only be prepared but they would even give him a gold medal. These things only happen on Misericord. I’m counting the months for the release of 2011 (if something is coming out this year).Ronald Fritze

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