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Cooly G Cooly GUp In My Head / Phat Si

8 / 10

Cooly G  Up In My Head / Phat Si HYPERDUB (HDB038, 12” + digital)

This isn’t just funkstep, but something more (or less, depending on how you look at it). Cooly G seems to reduce the speed from “Narst / Love Dub”, his first record with Hyperdun, which hit the urban English scene like a meteorite falling from outside the solar system, and is now releasing two rhythmic manoeuvres that seem to find their climax in deceleration. Slowness is a key word this year. Speed is over-rated (or that’s what they say) and lots of recent efforts are attempting to find the climax the hard way, by suppressing the crescendos, and in any way possible provoking their regression. “Phat Si” perfectly adapts to the rules of the funkstep and experimental funky house sound. It’s good work in the perspective and depth of echo, and an interesting way of separating the bass and breaks, as if they pertained to two separate realities - it gives you the feeling of being lost between the rhythmic lines, an interesting effect of alienation that must be listened to with headphones or on a sound system the size of an elephant. “Up In My Head” goes deeper and more towards the past, converting itself into soothing ambient-dubstep that has the same sweetness as the atmospheric layers of the older anthems of LTJ Bukem and Goldie, except without the accelerated beat (it’s almost translucent, characteristic of the modern neo-soul), and with voices that seem to come undone in their contact with the air. This 12” lacks nerve a bit, it’s all smooth, and doesn’t have that power of destruction on the dancefloor, but it’s because Cooly G finally has more heart than muscle. A supposed setback that is an unquestionable advance.

Claude T. HillCooly G - Up In My Head

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