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John Tejada  Unstable Condition KOMPAKT (KOMPAKT227, 12” + digital)

At first it might look like John Tejada is getting ready to become one of the big defenders of the upcoming and very probable return to the nineties in electronic music. But the truth is, the man from Los Angeles never left his spot: in his sound –identified from his beginnings on labels like A13 as tech-house– the starring role has always been reserved for liquid melodies and the leafy texture of layers that fold over themselves in an exciting exercise of baroque origami. Later on, his 2006 album on his own Palette label sounded like the surrounding tinkling of English techno – “Cleaning Sounds Is A Filthy Business” (we would even say, sounded like a lost Orbital record), and in his parallel projects –I’m Not A Gun, for example–, when he left techno, he approached vaporous pop and horizontal hip-hop. Therefore, this single on Kompakt is no dramatic twist but the confirmation of a sound that could have more repercussions because of the label it’s released on, and because of the boredom with other forms of making dance music that exists in the community. With an elegance that deserves formal dress, Tejada sharpens his devotion to the Hartnoll brothers and The Black Dog and delivers two tracks that won’t surprise those who have been following him for years, but which can provoke uncontrollable flashes of ecstasy: ultra light arpeggios with an instant of echo, warmth in the rhythms and chords on “The Living Night”, and a perfect copy of Orbital’s first album from 1991 on “Unstable Condition” – the line, as we believe, of his upcoming album, “Parabolas”. Blind faith.

Javier Blánquez

John Tejada - Unstable Condition

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