Two Dancers (Remixes) Two Dancers (Remixes)


Wild Beasts Wild BeastsTwo Dancers (Remixes)

7 / 10

Wild Beasts Two Dancers (Remixes) DOMINO (RUG382T, 2x12” + digital)

The soprano voice of Hayden Thorpe, those epic airs of a rock band that shows jabs of out-of-control emotions in the silences and spaces between the notes of a crystalline guitar –like The Edge in U2. Remixing Wild Beasts must not be easy, maybe even an impossible a task, for someone who hasn’t got an initial clue of how to begin or which original sounds to sacrifice. And it’s because of that difficulty from the start –the Leeds outfit are very unfunky, there’s hardly anything in them that invites you to move your feet– that this set of remixes of “Two Dancers” (2009) keeps its composure. The variety of remixers also helps, something that makes this double 12” less coherent but allows for each piece to work well on its own. For example, the A-side, on which Junior Boys exercise their slow pace and cosmic jams: it’s a marvellous remix, intriguing, on which the rhythm is firm, little by little getting towards a forest of boogie and Italo, leaving Thorpe’s sharp voice as a simple and distant tickling. It had nothing to do with side D – Son Lux’ remix of “This Is Our Love” that is reminiscent of UNKLE–, although both are useful each in their own context. And then there are the remixes that were promising but end up confusing: the one by Jon Hopkins, which, where there should have been a delicate IDM reconstruction, turns into a progressive monster with an intense beat and epic unfolding, and the one by Oneohtrix Point Never, which seems to have been done in a hurry, like using some discarded sketches and with the voice added, although the idyllic effect and the trademark bursts of modular synthesiser are still a delicacy for the ears. All in all this is a good attempt at keeping a minor band on top of the hype wave.

Tom Madsen

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Remixes) by DominoRecordCo

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