Tuff Enuff? Tuff Enuff?


Shit Robot Shit RobotTuff Enuff?

8 / 10

Shit Robot Tuff Enuff? DFA (dfa2262, 12” + digital)

I like that this single is being released, because on Shit Robot’s album, “Tuff Enuff?” seemed rather short to me. And when we’re talking about the official video, even more so. In general, house cannot be reduced to a pop song extension (and that’s something that’s been said since the early days of Chicago and NY, so I’m not denouncing anything new), because to me (and I imagine to you, too), house acquires it’s full power from repetition and obsessive extension. One cannot lose oneself in the music if that music isn’t an ocean, and “Tuff Enuff?” deserved more minutes. The first side of this 12” is just the long version, but in the hands of a capable DJ it turns into a powerful weapon. The extension of the hit –produced by Marcus Lambkin, who is Shit Robot himself, but also by James Murphy– is almost relaxing, like a train coming to a stop when it reaches its final destination. The beat is Kraftwerkian –a mechanical rhythm with a steamy halo, Munich-style disco music– and towards the end the harmonic notes stand out while the rhythm dissolves.It’s a great final to listen to on your own and prolong the mix with the next record as much as possible. On the other side the same principle is applied, which is why this is one of the best thought-through DJ-friendly vinyls of the month. The remix of “I Found Love” comes from Wild Geese and goes on for nine minutes, but it’s easy for them because, rather than re-dressing the track, they strip from it anything remotely superfluous, and only keep the minimum essentials –the mechanical sequencing, the low voice, the Detroit synths, the acid bass line. Then they pump up the volume and repeat it until your head melts. I can only say thank you.

Ronald Fritze

Shit Robot - Tuff Enuff (ft. James Murphy) by button

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