Tudor Acid 304 : Remixes Tudor Acid 304 : Remixes


Tudor Acid Tudor AcidTudor Acid 304 : Remixes

8 / 10

Tudor Acid  Tudor Acid 304 : Remixes TUDOR BEATS (TB-304-12, 12”)

The unexpected revival of the ruling house of Tudor in popular culture -with the same titled flagship television series, which narrates the bloody and promiscuous life of Henry VIII- it has an extra appendix as Tudor Acid, Richard Wigglesworth’s project, who didn’t mind at all to swap the chopping axe for a Roland TB-303 to which splash the dancefloor with “ñigo-ñogo” little sounds, not blood. Their debut album, "Merri Portland" (2009), could be interpreted as an uninspired version of the last recording on Luke Vibert for Planet Mu, and the fact that it is the same Vibert who provided the first remix of this maxi - " Tudor Disco", in parallel to what the Cornwall one has been doing under the guise of Kerrie District but with a strong gush of sulphur- is like getting the positive result of a paternity test, that in a sense, shrinks it. But the same reason why Tudor Acid is reduced as a project, also enhance vinyl including the warm Vibert remix for those clubs who still dare to play braindance: sardonic, with melodic intensity peaks which are well-placed, a mixture of acid freak á la "Analord" and a cosmic disco sound, this is a track for geeky people. On the side B the level of eccentricity lessens and it reinforces those of robotic funk, as it is Radioactive Man -the great Keith Tenniswood from Two Lone Swordsmen- the one who grasps the electro brush and applies a layer of trademark rhythmic spasms. It makes me hard, what can I say.

Javier Blánquez

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