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Deep Space Orchestra Deep Space OrchestraTrust Skynet Ep

7 / 10

Deep Space Orchestra  Trust Skynet Ep


Double debut. British twosome Deep Space Orchestra delivers its first full EP and does so kick-starting its own Use Of Weapons imprint. Judging from the results, we’ll have to keep on the lookout for works from these two, because they could be one of the revelations of 2011. Coming from the effervescent Glasgow scene with backgrounds as DJs and beatmakers, Chris Barker and Si Murray are coming on strong with a 12” of first-rate house.

The title track makes it clear from the start: expansive house with Arcade aesthetics, old school bassline and lysergic arpeggios, all made with accustomed production and perfect finishing. “Trust Skynet” leans on classic sounds, skilfully filtered through a more or less contemporary prism that gives it the layer of varnish necessary to turn it into a powerful dancefloor weapon. With a mutant structure and constant development, the song advances impeccably towards a long climax that will make you dance like you believe in the Mayan calendar. On the remix, Graeme Clark ( The Revenge), friend and long-time collaborator of the duo, reduces the elements and beefs up the bass, only to later add light with melodies and some somewhat tropical percussion. An unbeatable contrast and new proof that the man is one of the best remixers around right now, it also promises large doses of sweat on the dancefloor. The single is completed by two cuts that, without reaching the level of intensity of the A-side, both keep the bar very high. On one hand, “Outliers”, a piece of spatial deep house that reminds us of Âme at their best, with its elastic arpeggios and ravey glacier pads. “Clock Work Ninja”, on the other hand, is the most adventurous composition of the lot, with a syncopated cadence and misty atmospheres, it sounds like an alien big band making jazzy house for Martian cocktail bars. All in all, a good 12” aimed at the club rather than the home, not inventing the wheel again but a guarantee for a good time. Ah, and one important detail: it’s vinyl only.

Franc Sayol


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