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Moritz Von Oswald Trio Restructure 2 HONEST JON’S (HJP54, 12” + digital)

Moritz Von Oswald Trio have grown and are now a five-piece: on “Restructure 2” Tikiman –who contributes not vocally but on guitar– joins the group, as does bassist Marc Muellbauer. With those additions, provisional for now and only for this single, the continuation of the “Vertical Ascent” album and the “Live In New York” double vinyl, the group has gained in flexibility and liberty in the instrumental sections. After listening to this jam, halfway between jazz and Krautrock, it becomes clear that what the first LP lacked was more variation in textures. Where there we heard only the percussion of Vladislav Delay and the keyboard exercises of Von Oswald and Max Loderbauder –the core of the “trio”–, here there’s more colour, more density and more variation. Its the reason why the twelve minutes of “Restructure 2” seem fewer: the sound flows naturally and without any obstacles, taking you on a galactic journey to the deepest depths of your headphones. If this is the preview of the band’s second album, we can expect some notable progress in comparison to “Vertical Ascent”.

The other side of the vinyl also helps raise expectations. It contains a remix by Digital Mystikz –produced by Mala, to be exact– on which the liquidity and deepness of the original jam become more compact: the twelve minutes are reduced to five, the wandering parts are compressed like in a black hole and direct breaks, mysterious effects and deep bass science bloom, in order to take “Restructure 2 Rebuild” to the level of the material included on the “Return II Space” album. Those who have heard it know that no more words are necessary: to buy this 12” is to bet on a winning horse.

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