Tried For Your Love Tried For Your Love


Krystal Klear Krystal KlearTried For Your Love

8 / 10

Krystal Klear Tried For Your Love ALL CITY (ACKK12X1, 12” + digital)

I don’t wish to detract from a minute of this 12”. God knows I’m not lying when I say I’m a fan of everything he does, from the first to the last millisecond of both side of the vinyl. But “Tried For Your Love” is of such high quality that it leaves the other two new pieces by Krystal Klear –producer of the hour thanks to his contributions to labels such as Hoya:Hoya– like blurry traces on a path of happiness. “Boogie Wan” is a slow jam with a deliberately lazy beat and galactic synth lines that put him right up there with FunkinEven in the mesmerising connection between boogie and wonky beats. And if we check out “Dekryptic” we’ll see the same thing – shining neo-boogie that reflects the most hedonistic and disco side of the eighties. But, as I said, try comparing it with “Tried For Your Love” and its happiness, its luxurious arrangements, its disco sediment, its mirrorball reflections and that funk bassline even Morgan Geist would kill for. Isn’t that the track Metro Area haven’t composed in years? Isn’t it the perfect candidate to follow up “Miura” as one of the true anthems of neo-disco? Isn’t it a piece of candy for DJs like Daniel Wang? If this would have been released at the height of the nu-disco wave, we would be talking about an undisputable classic. Let’s hope that, right now (and too late), it will become something more than another hot vinyl of the season, if not on its own merits, than at least for the Hudson Mohawke version, a remix of where the strongest point is the unfolding of the house-piano a la “You’re Gonna Miss Me” by Turntable Orchestra, which drives me crazy. Retro? Sure, so what? Hardly any current music sounds as vigorous as Krystal Klear.

Richard Ellmann

Krystal Klear - Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) (ACKK12x1) by allcitydublin

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