Tracy Chapman / The Thing Tracy Chapman / The Thing


Becoming Real Becoming RealTracy Chapman / The Thing

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Becoming Real  Tracy Chapman / The Thing

LO FI FUNK (LFF004, 7”)

Becoming Real is a bit of a mystery: “ half human, half vampire, one whole something else,” is what they say about him on the Tough Love Records website, the label that has promoted him to popularity among aficionados of dangerous manoeuvres in killer sub-bass. And now that he is releasing two tracks on the positively booming Lo Fi Funk label -based in Zaragoza– an enigma shrouds but at the same time denotes certainty. The enigma, still, is the identity of the artist -we think he is British and therefore probably hanging on a prayer for the next World Cup match- but of course ultimately this is irrelevant. The certainty, on the other hand, is that he knows what he’s doing and he does it well. He has jewellers’ hands, and is capable of crafting immense detailed pieces. “ Tracy Chapman” has very little in common with the chanteuse who at the end of the 80s was continuously on high rotation on AOR radio stations and we can’t find any connexion between the mega-hit “Fast Car” and the skweee, chiptune and wonky manoeuvres that seems to begin with -if our hearing is correct- a sample from “ Smoke Japanese Baby” by The Future Sound Of London (if it’s not a sample then it’s a copy of it. It reminds us of that sensation of liquid breakbeats accompanied by a gentle dizziness, like the feeling you have when you wake up after not having enough sleep). The flip side, “ The Thing”, is even more slippery: it has foundations of neo-soul stuffed with precious IDM and psychedelic downtempo. Get a tattoo with his name on your body, because you will have to use it more than once in the future. Javier Blánquez

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