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Hecker Hecker3 Track 12?

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Hecker  3 Track 12” EDITIONS MEGO (eMEGO 095, 12”)

Don’t ask me how music for fashion shows is selected, because I haven’t got the faintest idea... for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing, as Socrates once said. What I can say though is that lately many musicians and DJs seem to have struck gold with this type of commission. I imagine that they are well paid and that it is similarly tasking to compete an EP as it is it to create half an hour’s score for a catwalk show. Having DJs play records while anorexic women exhibit next season’s clothes is nothing new, but having them playing live does seem to be in vogue. Justice composed “ Planisphere” for Dior Homme –spring/summer 2009 collection– and not so long ago Michael Nyman performed with his band at Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid for Adolfo Domínguez. Florian Hecker created uncomfortable sounds for Comme des Garçons’ January 2009 show in Paris. Was that really Hecker? Yes, the very same, and this 12” consists of the original commission. It is honestly a surprise to hear the level of risk it denotes, because even if Hecker has consciously made his music more “accessible” for the commission –above all, the A-side, is divided into two brief pieces of glitch with a rhythm pattern kind of buffoon-esque (i.e. you can’t dance or hum it, but it doesn’t hurt your ears either)- the result is still as rugged as only the most seasoned experimenter could deliver, and is at once noise and post-academic computer music. I don’t even want to think about the models’ nervous state walking on the runway whilst the thunderous 23 minutes of “B1” played: electro-acoustic of the Stockhausen / David Tudor school, for cast-iron stomachs only. Who knows, maybe they enjoyed it. Javier Blánquez


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