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Illum Sphere Illum SphereTitan EP

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Illum Sphere  Titan EP 3024 (3024-008, 12” + digital)

Illum Sphere is breaking several customs with 3024. First, Ryan Hunn's own as an artist closely linked to his Manchester-based label Fat City, after a trilogy of singles that gave him a comfortable seat in the new school of hip hop and IDM fusion. More horizontal than thrilling, Illum Sphere used to be lost through weightless space and he use to let his beats float on ambient soft cushioned mattresses. He used to love psychedelia without the hallucinogenic mushrooms and he was attracted by the cosmos as bees to honey: in another words, he was clocking up merits to become the English equivalent of Flying Lotus (apparently). The other habit being broken by "Titan Ep" is the channelling of 3024 as label at the service of its founder, Dutchman Martyn, who until now had signed nearly all the label releases with the exception of 2562, which he invited a friend to produce. Therefore Martyn’s house has its doors opened, without any entry conditions: this maxi-single has nothing to do with the fusion of dubstep and liquid techno from the Chain Reaction school, but by replacing the dubstep with abstract hip-hop beats and the deep liquidity by viscosity of muddy pads, as if they were taken from an obscure record of Detroit techno. Therefore, in "Go Killum" the rhythm limps and winds chasing long orbit comets and "Technopolis" offers three minutes of floating calm only disturbed by dry hits as those produced by a person knocking at the door. In this exhibition of class and elegance, "Titan" –that covers the whole A side - shines even more, by expanding its chromatic richness towards the IDM of sharpen splinters. Wonky is increasingly infiltrating the post-Detroit sonic mechanics and it should be welcomed. Javier Blánquez*Buy it here.

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