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Tony Lionni  Timeless EP WAVE MUSIC (WM50215, 12” + digital)Even if he already has the unanimous recognition from the Techno fraternity since the release of “ Found A Place” (Ostgut Ton, 2009), an extraordinary Detroit sound swipe including a piano line half “ Strings Of Life,” and half early-90s italo, those who know of Tony Lionni appreciate he is not a one trick pony: he is a consistent and hard working artist that has earned his reputation with a full loaded catalogue. It is only a matter of time before he produces a hit verging on the term “classic”. In the meantime, the four cuts of “Timeless EP” – not just a collection of tracks but a journey within four stops - are a premonition of the greatness to come. “Anger”, the first groove on the record, reminds of “ Altered States” by Ron Trent, which is followed by “ Timeless,” sounding like the old vinyl from British label Clear, “ The Prophet” which a bit more dubby and seasoned with stacattos à la Derrick May, and finally “ Music,” a liquid bass feast with not so euphoric piano lines as in “ Found A Place” but that are equally vibrant, which is a hands in the air number that will sit along nicely with Carl Craig. “ Timeless EP” is a bilateral dialogue between Lionni and his influences. Even if he resides now in Berlin and Detroit is a tad far away, he learned the codes a long time ago and is acquiring a mature technique by rejuvenating and perpetuating those sounds. He is getting closer to that place he wants to be in.

Richard Ellmann

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