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Gerd  Time & Space CLONE BASEMENT SERIES (CBS06, 12” + digital)

There are producers out there who make the effort to make their music sound like early techno. They buy analogue equipment from back in the day, infest their computers with plugins that emulate the sounds of the old machines, study the entire discographies of labels like Metroplex or Evolution and then, if there’s enough talent available and the whistle blows, a revival is born. Gerd is not like that, basically because he has had new material sounding like old lying on his shelves for years, waiting their turn to be released: “Time & Space” surfaced one day when he was cleaning up DATs, and it turned out it was made at the end of the nineties, when Gert-Jan Bijl –the man behind labels like 4 Lux and Fortek, one of the veterans of the Dutch school alongside Terrace who even recorded for Global Communication’s label, Evolution / Universal Language; that “This Touch Is Greater Than Moods” (1997) still sound glorious– was looking through his archives. The original version appears here and there’s an updated version as well, though it doesn’t sound much different, apart from that it’s cleaner: elastic techno-soul in the vein of Theo Parrish, with an acid bassline and a set of vocals, one low and one falsetto. You can smell the old school from miles away.

But it’s not the main attraction on this 12”. It’s on the other side where the really great things happen: two remixes by Duplex –Chris Aarse and John Matze, from Rotterdam, two deep techno soldiers who hadn’t released anything since 2007–, which make you happy because they’re back and sad because they haven’t released anything for four years. In their hands, “Time & Space” –in two takes, “Southside” and “Northside”– becomes more vigorous and clear, they float between spatial pads, give more contrast to the voices, more density to the bass and more vigour to the rhythm. It’s still music with a very classic air, but then again, to expect otherwise would be stupid.

Javier Blánquez

A1. Time & Space

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