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Paperclip People / LCD Soundsystem Throw Paperclip People / LCD Soundsystem ThrowThrow

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Paperclip People / LCD Soundsystem Throw PLANET E (PLE65323, 12” + digital)

During LCD Soundsystem ’s “Sound Of Silver” tour, James Murphy got into the habit of finishing the show –or preparing the climax from the start of the encores– with a tune that to a large part of the audience sounded new and very much in the vein of the band’s punk-disco sound. But in fact it wasn’t a new composition; it was an electrifying and extensive cover of “Throw”, one of the big tunes Carl Craig composed in the mid-nineties as Paperclip People, the housiest of his monikers. “Throw” is from 1994 and has been re-pressed and remixed on various occasions –there’s a remix by the mythical Basic Channel–, and it’s in competition with the more hypnotic “The Climax” as the big Carl Craig dancefloor hymn. To Murphy, who devours music, the existence of “Throw” was no mystery –as for any techno aficionado–, but it’s one thing to be a fan and another to take it to your field. Although it wasn’t all that hard: “Throw” has a strong organic percussion and is a pure cyclic and funk obsession, ideal for LCD Soundsystem to experiment with an instrumental interlude.

This vinyl includes a re-mastered version of “Throw” –another one; necessary only because of it’s great sound here in comparison with various old pressings– and a studio re-creation by LCD Soundsystem which, judging from the signals from Murphy, could be the band’s last recording. A respectful version in structure and intensity, which, selectively, takes various aspects of the track to it’s rock area. For example, the aerial synth lines of the original get lost, but there are more dirty kick drums, noise and brute force. They can’t be compared, you can’t say which one is better because these are two versions that are very similar and very different at the same time, aimed at two types of audience that hardly ever mix. But LCD’s version is respectful and of high quality. As would be expected.

Richard Ellmann

LCD Soundsystem - Throw - SOUNDCLOUD EDIT by planetedetroit

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