This Is No Fun Acid 2 This Is No Fun Acid 2


No Fun Acid No Fun AcidThis Is No Fun Acid 2

8 / 10

No Fun Acid  This Is No Fun Acid 2 NO FUN (NOFUNACID-01, 12”)

It may seem that Carlos Giffoni's (owner of the No Fun label and rowdy neo-noise exponent) new alias No Fun Acid is something new, but it isn’t. Acid in its primal incarnation was already raw and constructed from a 303 and a rhythm box. The latter disappears quite often on the release exposing the raw ear piercing bassline (something we are totally in favour of). Currently there is a new acid hardcore school, American Ralphie Dee already pushed this sound in the early 90s, based on simplicity and media economy. This kind of acid was penetrating, improvised and disturbing, something that fits with Giffoni’s ethos. Once we have established there’s nothing new, we can qualify the No Fun Acid project at least as fresh, because it exiles the style danceable part, focusing on textures and undulations: abrasive as caustic acid and dangerous for the delicate ears.

While suppressing the dancefloor objective of the piece, paradoxically, No Fun Acid works as a dance track. On the B side: Gavin Russom remixes “ This Is No Fun Acid 2” – even if this is the first release from the series - to a more constructed structure and tighter beats disregarding the original take. As if it was a self-penned production by his project Black Meteoric Star, Russom squeezes the fierce 303 transforming the track into a potential dancefloor tsunami. You gotta be brave. Javier Blánquez

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