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9 / 10

Slackk Theme Ep NUMBERS (NMBR7, 12” + digital)

They made us wait, but now finally the first official 12” by Slackk is here. We needed this kick in the behind, that’s for sure. I’m not saying the post-whatever scene we’re walking around in is boring, but contributions like this one by the producer do help you to find maximum lust on the dancefloor again: the wild aggression, and the minutes when you notice how the adrenaline flows through your body at high speed. “Theme EP” is, on the other hand, a tremendous contribution to the Numbers catalogue. Bravo to Jackmaster and his partner - a slab of wax like this was exactly what we needed. What does Slackk’s debut have that makes us go loco like this? For starters, an untamed fusion of grime, wobble and funky. Dry sounds, tribal rhythms, bass lines that sweep you off your feet, and all that in two parts that form the devastating A-side: “Theme From Slackk” and “Theme From Dub”, on which you can distinguish traces of early 90s hardcore, especially Joey Beltram. To complete this convincing and impeccable effort, you only have to flip the vinyl and listen to “Fire Flies”, another weapon of mass destruction which had already been released on an extremely limited white label at the start of the year and which is a house revision of an original Wiley tune ( “Fire Fly”). Slackk makes it clear that his intentions and goals are to inject funky with speed and rage, modernise grime, and maintain a healthy rave tradition with music stripped to the bone, with destabilising punches and clenched teeth. This is not plastic, it’s rock.

Claude T. Hill

Slackk – Theme from Slackk by Numbers

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