The Visitation The Visitation


Jerome Sydenham Jerome SydenhamThe Visitation

7 / 10

Jerome Sydenham  The Visitation DRUMCODE (DC062, 12” + digital)

To cross Berghain’s lintel is for more many Techno producers (and clubbers alike) like going through a mystic portal to another world, similar to a believer’s experience passing underneath the arches of Santiago cathedral, the Vatican or Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari-Taisha. In another words: those who set foot at Berghain consolidate the power of their artistic convictions, astonished by the seduction - in essence a body shaking sound system- of the Berlin temple. We are not talking here about epiphanies but about reinforcing convictions, a crystal clear perception. Jerome Sydenham, one of the major New York scene exponents, testifies: “ The Visitation” is the chosen document and proof through his delivery of the Techno sound (he's always been closer to the House scene at the helm of Ibadan), an after hours muscular sound loaded with testosterone. The title says it all really it implies manifestation and proclamation, though of course there is no religious undertone here: they are four lashes of virulent Techno with delays á la Dubfire – like a jet taking off - aiming to destroy two meters high speakers, like a giant abusing an ant. Listen to it through a crappy sound system and it will sound like a convincing demonstration of force. Listen to it through a good sound system and it will melt you into dust. Richard Ellmann

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