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9 / 10

Velour The Velvet Collection NIGHT SLUGS (NS007, digital)

The Night Slugs team want to keep the secret and, for now, they won’t say who’s behind Velour - but it’s probably someone you know. The sound of this “The Velvet Collection” could be a clue: an explosive take, Amercianised and with veiled boogie allusions to funky house bangers. It’s the sound of Julio Bashmore, DVA and Kingdom but with that dirty neon touch, as if it were touched by someone in a privileged position in electro-house or the now extinct nu-rave. As if some friend of Diplo’s were involved and had injected more money, jewels and hi-tech production to these four tunes, without compromising their absolute independence from the London post-garage scene. That said, are there any other clues about Velour? None whatsoever. We only know that they are a duo, that one of them comes from house and the other from dubstep and that in their retro revival they’ll end up going further back –all the way to the 80’s, no less, with those electro patterns and disco feeling– than they would have thought at first. There’s little 2step and more Ibiza, few cut-up helium voices and more jacking energy. There are shoulder pads and moustaches. In other words: regardless of who’s responsible, “The Velvet Collection” is worth a lot. It’s four tracks indicate an admirable level of experience on various fronts. The titles are precise and funny ( “Booty Slammer”, “Kick It Till It Breaks”, “The Scent Of Romance”), giving the impression of a balance between sexiness and explicitness, between seduction and fornication. Breaks, shiny notes, tropical snares, glossy melodies, bursting bass lines, almost Aphex Twin-like melodies. If I had to bet, I’d put all my money on a collaboration between FaltyDL and Roska. I know neither one is involved, but as so far no-one has told me so, I’m going to dream about that. By the way, here’s hoping the physical 12” won’t take too long to arrive.

Richard Ellmann

velour-booty slammer by sandullo

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