The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous


The Crystal Ark The Crystal ArkThe Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous

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Crystal Ark The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous DFA (DFA2258, 12” + digital)

Reinvention, readjustment, relocation? To define what happened exactly to Gavin Russom’s sound would be a precision exercise harder than putting together an atomic watch, but it’s clear that The Crystal Ark –his third alias after the duo he formed with Delia Gonzalez and the improvised proto-acid bacchanal / jam of Black Meteoric Star– situates him in a different sphere. Russom and Gonzalez were the conquerors of space, the people ahead of their time, reclaiming Tangerine Dream before anyone else in this extended space and kosmische revival, and as Black Meteoric Star he was also the pioneer of wild, lysergic house with noisy tendencies that’s all the rage today in experimental circles. What is The Crystal Ark, keeping in mind his first 12” (the spectacular “The City Never Sleeps”) and this logical continuation entitled “The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous” (presented in a vocal and instrumental version)? Possibly one of the most serious heads ups about the (hopefully immediate this time) recovery of American house of the early nineties, so close to the primitive sexuality of Chicago and its skeletal sound as the greatest richness of the rhythm and texture of early New York garage, all that produced with opulence of nuances, with growing baroque.“The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous” runs for fifteen minutes and keeps changing states, like the weather: there are parts that are textbook acid house and Latin-house thanks to that Nuyorican tigress-like voice that growls in Spanish ( “volando soy libre y sigo volando” etc.), but the track is a labyrinth that gets more complex and transforms incessantly, combining fragments of progressive house, trance, bleep, hardcore –and that’s only the 90’s memorabilia– a vintage production and a stealthy return to the lysergic improvisations of symphonic rock and Krautrock. Despite the complexity, the jumble, what floats to the surface is a joy of song, carefree fun, a hypnotic mantra, which is rare these days, but it looks like it’s the seed for an approaching madness that will erupt tomorrow in the fertile fields of new house. Richard Ellmann

The Crystal Ark - The City Never Sleeps by PIMAX

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