The Summer Of Shortstuff Vols. 1-3 The Summer Of Shortstuff Vols. 1-3


Shortstuff ShortstuffThe Summer Of Shortstuff Vols. 1-3

8 / 10

The Summer Of Shortstuff Vols. 1-3 Shortstuff RAMP RECORDINGS (RAMP036, 3x10” + digital)

They’re three slabs of 10” vinyl, but in reality they form a wild unity marking the progression of the post-dubstep summer state. They should be sold in one package, like Digital Mystikz’s “Return II Space”, to better appreciate the density in Richard Attley’s production, the amount of ideas per square centimetre that splutter in his brain, the unitary richness of this “The Summer Of Shortstuff” that doesn’t uncover anything new about him that we didn’t already know, but does concentrate everything good about his style. Namely: rhythmical manoeuvres between funkstep, warrior dubstep –the bass lines inherited from the glory days of wobblestep, roar like the stomachs of hungry lions- and IDM, occupying the space between hardcore club music and onanistic studio experimentation. He doesn’t lack sense of humour, either, and taking advantage of the fact that the characteristics of funky house are more dominant than on his previous efforts on Planet Mu and Formant Recordings, he’s introducing elements of African or Brazilian percussion ( “Swine Time”, “Tweaked”), whistles and metal can sounds between the tangle of synthetic breaks, smurf voices and electronic abstraction. Good for the feet but even better for the head. Ronald Fritze

Shortstuff - See Ya (RAMP036-1) - Ramp Recordings by stholdings

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