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Henry Saiz, The Rider Ep RENAISSANCE (RENX085, digital)

Henry Saiz is a man of long tracks -the two on this EP both come in past the nine-minutes mark, which is the standard length for progressive house these days- and he also likes to construct his tracks with patience, without considering that one day (in December 2012, to be somewhat more exact) the world will come to an end. He doesn’t care about finishing things quickly in order to move on, he likes to do the job well, giving his tracks everything they need, without forgetting anything that could be missed later on. But Henry isn’t a baroque man -he has learned not to overdo it- and that makes his music balance on the fine line between the feeling of perpetual motion, of travelling, that he refers to in the title, and the idea that it’s immobile music which stays stuck in time and place, unalterable. Like the Greek sophists who were capable of defending their ideas and the opposite thereof, Henry Saiz is the Heraclitus and the Parménides -at the same time- of the prog scene: ethereal melodies, echoes, constant but discreet percussion, hi-tech finishes, all meant to go somewhere without moving (in other words, more mental than physical music, or psychedelic). While “The Rider” has a slow construction, arpeggios and a cosmic sound -it’s obvious the man from Madrid likes his seventies synthesiser music- “Unmei” bursts its banks like a river after the storm and starts to become epic, although that stops quickly, as though he wouldn’t want to create anything nearing bad trance. It’s that fear that holds Henry back a bit: the melody could be more elaborated, the production more abstract. He’ll get there. Javier Blánquez

Henry Saiz - The Rider

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