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The official debut EP of Chiddy Bang comes with good and bad news. The good news, which we’ve already known since the appearance of their mixtape “The Swelly Express”, is that today there is no band out there as able to unite indie and hip-hop with as much conviction, efficiency and melodic inspiration as these guys, proof of which are “Truth”, with it’s Passion Pit sample, “Opposite Of Adults”, with MGMT , and “All Things Go”, sampling Sufjan Stevens. The three already serve as the hook and reason for surprise of that mixtape, and here they are repeated to the same effect. The bad news, which we feared since we got the sudden fright, is that when the duo tries to move away from that formula of rap and indie-rock, their work loses much of its charm and strays from its moments of glory. It’s the case of “The Good Life” and “Here We Go”, two correct tracks, just without history, with very little appeal, and which are very faint in this context. So are Chiddy Bang condemned to fusing indie hits with their rhymes forever? It’s too soon to make such a statement, but it would be interesting if their album debut, scheduled for next spring, offered more guarantee for success in their search for a more personal and durable sound.

David Broc

Chiddy Bang ft. Q-Tip - Here We Go by themuzikman

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