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Lil Silva Lil SilvaThe Patience EP

8 / 10

Lil Silva  The Patience EP

GOOD YEARS (GDYR001, 12” + digital)

If funky house is an effervescent sound, if the genre is living one of its finer moments, a part of the responsibility for it lies by Lil Silva. Three years after his first steps on the garage scene, this “The Patience EP”, the first reference on the promising Good Years label, marks what might be his best episode to date. Which means that Silva’s progression is obvious and that there will be more highly collectable singles to place next to the material released on Night Slugs and these four tracks, which feature some strong contrasts: from sensual to aggressive, from the feminine side of funky to the masculine. “Patience” and “Cheese And Bun” form a nervous A-side on which the typical beats of funky –the cut-off snares, tribal– sound especially agitated, with sci-fi-like sonic effects and a minimalism reminiscent of Terror Danjah’s grime productions –in some breaks during which it wouldn’t be weird to hear the gremlin’s voice.

The other side is smoother. On Good Years they claim “future garage” isn’t a genre, but if there would be such thing, “On Your Own” would be an essential tune, a basic landmark: with the voice of Sampha and a spectacular set of cosmic synths, Lil Silva moves across the universe of funky and modern soul without losing a gram of bite or beauty. That same going back and forth between warmth and coldness, between the layers of serene ambient and the stabs of rave rhythms, is what dominates on “Wait Is Over”, a fourth track that makes the single a hand of four aces and a wild card, the best Lil Silva has released to date and the anticipation of even greater things to come.

Richard Ellmann

21 Lil Silva ft Sampha - On Your Own

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